Multifunctional, resource efficient and non-slip – the Bluestrait ES is a winter a boot for a whole range of outdoor activities during the colder months of the year. With a waterproof and PFC-free HANWAG EcoShell membrane, insulating merino wool footbed and robust Perwanger leather upper, it’s a reliable partner for exploring nature in winter and going on moderate hikes. The Bluestrait boot is available in two styles: the high-cut Bluestrait ES and the mid-cut Bluestrait ES Mid.

Ice underfoot and snow beginning to fall – winter is here at last. Time to get cosy indoors? Or time to head out…? This is the season we see nature from a whole different perspective: Still and peaceful, with a blanket of glittering snow covering the landscape. And so footwear manufacturers HANWAG have made the Bluestrait ES and Bluestrait Mid ES – for everyone who refuses to give up on immersing themselves in the winter wonderland of nature and wants a comfortable, functional boots to do it in. With two different styles to choose from – a mid- high and high-cut version – it covers the active winter hiking market as well as everyday use during the colder months. Both styles are made from a combination of sustainable, all-European materials with a waterproof membrane and non-slip Fiberbrake sole, making these multi-purpose boots fully winterproof. Whether it’s striding out with your dog through frost-covered fields, shovelling snow before sunrise, or the daily walk to work, the two Bluestrait models are the perfect winter boot for everyday use or lighter outdoor activities.


Sustainability – PFC-free EcoShell membrane technology for dry-footed winter fun

For moisture protection, the Bluestrait models feature a PFC-free HANWAG EcoShell waterproof membrane in a robust 3-layer laminate. The EcoShell ‘winter liner‘ is not just waterproof and breathable, it also works as a hydrophilic system. And it’s made without fluorocarbons, which are harmful to the environment. The hydrophilic – from the Greek for water (hydro) and loving (philic) – element of HANWAG’s proprietary PU membrane absorbs body moisture and wicks it to the outside where it can evaporate. But at the same time, it also prevents moisture from penetrating from the outside.

Recycled insulation

A footbed lined in merino wool gives these boots added warmth and comfort. It’s made from breathable PU foam which is sourced from resource-efficient PU offcuts that are reassembled like a puzzle. The combination with merino wool, which has been harvested without the use of mulesing techniques, and which is naturally odour inhibiting, moisture absorbent and insulating, gives these boots a wonderful wear climate.

Fiberbrake sole: non-slip grip – no matter how cold

So that your winter walking experience isn’t just warm and comfortable but also secure and non-slip, we’ve applied our newly developed Fiberbrake outsole to both of the Bluestrait ES models. 12 ‘grip inserts’ made from fibreglass-reinforced rubber are used in each pair of boots. These are built into load bearing areas of the soles, like the forefoot and heel, giving the surface a sandpaper-like texture for added grip on slippery surfaces such as ice. A special winter-compound rubber blend surrounding these inserts remains supple, even in the coldest temperatures. The aggressive tread pattern on the outer edges also gives these soles excellent traction through loose snow or slush.

  • GRIP ZONE for icy, slippery, and wet conditions
  • TRACTION ZONE for loose snow and muddy conditions


  • Hydrophilic, PFC-free ‘EcoShell’ PU membrane in a 3-layer laminate for waterproof protection
  • Cushioning and stabilising midsole with unique 3D inner structure for hiking comfort
  • Fiberbrake outsole with fibreglass grip inserts, special winter-grade rubber blend (retains grip performance down to -15°C) and aggressive tread pattern
  • Odour-inhibiting, insulating and breathable footbed in merino wool (mulesing-free) and recycled PU foam
  • Available in two styles – Bluestrait ES Mid (mid-cut) und Bluestrait ES (high-cut)

Download – Press release and images

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