Rocky tracks, sandy dunes, mossy trails – these are the paths we follow. When we hike, we often cover a wide range of terrain What do all these paths have in common? They are part of one big system: the natural world around us.

And what does all this have to do with our new HANWAG Blueridge ES? More than ever before, we’re combining high quality, durability and comfort with innovative technical developments, such as using recycled and sustainable materials.

This has enabled us to create a shoe that uses as few resources as possible. As a result, we are reducing our impact on the ecosystem when we hike to nothing more than a few footprints in the sand.

Sustainable and functional

What is the best way to save resources? And which materials are particularly sustainable? When it comes to the HANWAG Blueridge ES, we use a completely PFC-free EcoShell membrane.

This PU membrane is based on a complex, hydrophilic (water-loving) system that is both waterproof and breathable, yet uses no potentially hazardous  fluorocarbons. In addition, the textile upper fabric consists completely of recycled materials, certified according to the Global Recycling Standard.

And by the way, these materials virtually all come from European suppliers and the shoe is 100% made in Europe – short transport distances help to reduce emissions and to minimize the shoe’s environmental footprint.


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Walking on clouds

The HANWAG Blueridge ES also has a further focus – it’s comfort factor. After all, to able to properly enjoy your time on the trails, you need perfectly fitting, comfortable and secure footwear. And there’s certainly no shortage of paths and trails out there! If you’re unsure where to head to on your next hiking everyday use adventure, at least we can help make choosing your footwear more straightforward. The multifunctional HANWAG Blueridge ES is always the right choice, as it copes with such a wide range of outdoor terrain. Maybe you’re planning to walk a coastal path over sandy trails and rocky cliffs? On hot days, its breathable upper helps prevent sweaty feet. And the 3D IPU-injected polyurethane midsole – the part responsible for a comfortable fit – has a special construction that supports the heel and promotes a smooth roll-off.

Whether you go for the mid-cut or the low-cut version, one thing is clear, the moment you slip these shoes on, you’ll be walking on clouds. Including on long and demanding days when the weather is less favourable.

The same also applies on wet, rainy days when you still have to take the dog out. This is when the waterproof EcoShell membrane really comes into its own and prevents your feet from getting wet. Nature has so many different facets, and there are just so many different ways to enjoy it – our versatile HANWAG Blueridge ES is ready to accompany you wherever you are heading and whatever you have in mind.


  • Hydrophilic, PFC-free EcoShell PU membrane in a robust 3-layer laminate
  • Cushioning and stabilising midsole with unique 3D inner structure
  • High-quality, natural Perwanger leather upper combined with 100% recycled upper fabric
  • Recycled materials certified according to the Global Recycling Standard
  • 100% made in Europe.
  • Terragrip outsole, 4 mm deep tread lugs with extra-wide contact area
  • Available in a mid-cut and low-cut version
hanwag bluerdige low

Your sustainable hiking companion

The HANWAG Blueridge ES is the perfect partner for hiking with a light pack on a range of trails – from the foothills of the Alps to lower mountain ranges or Mediterranean coastal hikes.

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