The sole is stiff enough for precise footwork on rock.

The HANWAG Makra Light GTX is the latest addition to our Makra family. Like all its siblings, the Makra Light loves mountains – from the valley to the summit. It might not be a totally extreme shoe, but it’s exceptionally versatile. Mountain tours, via ferratas, and basic climbing – this is where our Makra Light GTX excels. With its waterproof GORE-TEX membrane, robust, abrasion-resistant TPU toe cap and intelligent new lacing with 2-zone system, it’s equipped for just about all types of mountain conditions, weather and terrain.

Underfoot, its sole is stiff enough to ensure reliable grip on rocky outcrops and ledges, yet still provides sufficient cushioning for comfortable hiking and climbing. And with its low weight of just 900 grams per pair, it sits neatly between our Trek Light and Rock categories.

The HANWAG Makra Light GTX is equally at home on both rocky terrain and the hiking trails to reach it.

What makes a true alpine all-rounder?

The HANWAG Makra Light GTX is the right option for every type of terrain, until you hit snow and ice. For crampon-compatible boots for high alpine tours, such as the HANWAG Omega GTX (photo), see our Alpine boots.

So, if the Makra Light GTX is great for hikes, ascents and climbs. What qualities and materials are needed to make this all-round mountain performance possible? This is a question that our development team is constantly asking. Footwear to see you safely over iron rungs, via ferrata ladders and rock edges needs to be particularly solid to be able to withstand the constant loading.

At the same time, the boots we wear in demanding terrain still need to enable a good ‘feel’ for the terrain underfoot. What’s more, the Makra Light has good cushioning and ensures a smooth roll-off so that you can really enjoy all the ascents and descents and longer sections of hiking.

Mid-cut protection – low-cut performance

What is it that makes the Makra Light GTX so versatile? The answer is the special design of its mid-cut upper. The upper is high enough to protect your ankle from stones, scree and scrubby undergrowth, provides support and stability hiking the descents, yet is still low enough to give the comfortable performance of a low-cut model on the ascents.

This versatility is made possible by adjusting the lacing, which can be set with precise tensions at two different zones, right down to the toes. The mechanical lace lock, which has been specially developed for the Makra Light GTX, offers quick, easy and effective adjustment. Unlike conventional clamping lace hooks, this mechanical lace lock cannot slip without manual intervention.

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This makes it possible to have tighter lacing for the ankle, yet more relaxed lacing above it, for instance, for greater freedom of movement on ascents or when climbing. While on descents, the entire upper can be locked down for greater stability, including above the ankle, to prevent stumbling and twisting.

Furthermore, the Makra Light’s upper is made of finest Perwanger suede leather with a soft, yet robust Cordura insert to allow greater flexibility at the point where the calf meets the ankle.

Comfort and grip – the Makra Light GTX sole

Roll-off: The sole offers stability on rock, and comfort in more moderate terrain.

In addition to its flexible and adjustable upper, our Makra Light benefits from its particularly lightweight and shock-absorbing midsole technology that still provides the required stability for difficult terrain. Despite the low weight, we’ve made no compromises when it comes to cushioning and use only high-quality EVA foam. The result: Stability over the whole sole throughout the entire roll-off cycle.

This enables you to stand on even the narrowest edges and ledges and provides the stability for the iron rungs and pins on vie ferrate. The Makra Light GTX has a specially-developed Vibram outsole that gives you optimum grip on alpine tours in all types of terrain – from root-strewn paths and stony trails to smooth rock.

Thanks to its superior comfort, this boot makes even walking downhill fun.
Hanwag Makra Light GTX mountain boot on tour

Discover your flexible mountain all-rounder

The HANWAG Makra Light GTX is your sporty all-rounder for all mountain tours from the valley to summit. Find your HANWAG Makra Light GTX or HANWAG Makra Light Lady GTX in our webshop.

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The HANWAG Makra Light GTX in brief

  • Easy-adjust, mechanical lace lock for 2-zone lacing, enables superior comfort on both descents and ascents and when climbing
  • Very high edging stability in technical terrain
  • Sole unit with sure-grip Vibram outsole designed for hiking and climbing
  • Robust combination of materials with high-quality, long-lasting Perwanger suede leather, Cordura® fabric and TPU toe cap
  • Reliably waterproof and breathable thanks to GORE-TEX membrane
  • Available in colours: asphalt-orange, seablue-orange

Made for the mountains: Our Makra family

There are many different types of challenges, but they all require one thing in particular – the right companion.

Our Makra product family consists of four models. They are all made especially for specific areas of use in alpine terrain.

HANWAG Makra Trek GTX  – for mountain tours and hut-to-hut trips
HANWAG Makra Pro GTX – for demanding mountain tours and easier high-alpine mountaineering
HANWAG Makra Pro Low GTX – for approaches in demanding, technical terrain
HANWAG Makra Light – for easier climbing and via ferratas

And what do they all have in common? Their unique fit. The tried-and tested ‘Makra fit’ literally wraps around your foot. Giving you the right amount of precision and power transfer for the mountains with every step.

Watch the video: The HANWAG Makra family

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