• Love demanding mountain routes, such as the Zugspitze or Ortler?
  • Planning to cross glaciers where you’ll need a crampon-compatible boot?
  • In addition to sure grip, are you looking for good comfort for long days in the mountains?

Then the HANWAG Makra Pro GTX is the boot for you. It’s a lightweight, sturdy model for demanding mountain tours and easy high-alpine and rock routes, such as on the main alpine ridges. This sure-footed boot has enough room to keep things comfortable and enjoyable.

More room for comfort in the mountains: The HANWAG Makra Pro GTX is ideal for alpine tours, such as here on the Dachstein.

Comfortable alpine last

We really do mean more room. The HANWAG Makra Pro GTX is wider at the forefoot and midfoot than, for example, our popular via ferrata boot, the HANWAG Makra Light GTX. The slightly wider fit is formed by our Alpine Wide Last, which the boot is built around. This is what gives our Makra Pro extra comfort, for example on longer sections of walking. However, this boot is still rigid enough to ensure precise footwork on rock and stability with crampons.

Watch the video: Our Alpine Wide Last

‘Vibram Makra’ – this is the name of the outsole that we developed together with the Italian market leader. Its rubber compound guarantees good grip in the wet. The tread profile ensures good traction on screen and muddy trails. And the flat climbing zone at the toe gives good precision and friction on rock.

“The precision and stability are also a result of the midsole that we’ve invested a lot of brain power in developing,” explains HANWAG Head of Research and Development Andreas Settele. By brain power, he means time, effort and years of experience of making mountain boots and working with the best materials.

For example, the midsole uses different plastic and foam materials at different sections – to provide targeted cushioning and stability where it’s needed. For sections of climbing when you need a more rigid sole, it delivers the stiffness to enable you to stand with your toes on small footholds without collapsing. A stiffer midsole also prevents you from feeling rocks or metal via ferrata rungs through the sole.

The perfect upper construction

Our head of research and development Andreas is always talking about how important the midsole is in determining the nature and performance of a boot. He and his team have taken the upper of the HANWAG Makra Pro GTX to the next level:

  • The Perwanger leather from our South Tyrolean supplier is durable, breathable – and beautiful. The Makra Pro GTX comes in two colours for men and three colours for women.
  • An extensive rubber rand protects the upper leather (and your feet) from stones.
  • Thanks to the 2-zone lacing with its innovative clamping lace lock, you can adjust the lacing in different situations. At the toe, the lacing runs through fabric loops – known as ghilly lacing – this prevents the laces slipping,” explains Andi.
  • The mid-cut upper provides stability at the ankle, especially on descents, yet enough flexibility for climbing. And if you’re looking for an approach shoe, then you’ll find that we also offer a low-cut version.

Watch the video: Highlights of the HANWAG Makra Pro GTX


Hanwag Makra Pro GTX in different colours

Which is the mountain pro for you?

Head for the heights with the HANWAG Makra Pro GTX: The mountain boot not only comes with a wide range of convincing technical features, it also looks great on. For men there are two styles, and for women there are even three different colours. Find out more in our web store.

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Made for the mountains: Our Makra family

There are many different types of challenges, but they all require one thing in particular – the right companion.

Our Makra product family consists of four models. They are all made especially for specific areas of use in alpine terrain.

HANWAG Makra Trek GTX  – for mountain tours and hut-to-hut trips
HANWAG Makra Pro GTX – for demanding mountain tours and easier high-alpine mountaineering
HANWAG Makra Pro Low GTX – for approaches in demanding, technical terrain
HANWAG Makra Light – for easier climbing and via ferratas

And what do they all have in common? Their unique fit. The tried-and tested ‘Makra fit’ literally wraps around your foot. Giving you the right amount of precision and power transfer for the mountains with every step.

Watch the video: The HANWAG Makra family

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