• Enjoy moving fast through the mountains? Including on demanding trails?
  • Looking for a mountain boot that’s lightweight, gives secure footing and stability in rough terrain and offers good precision on rock?
  • And how about a boot with the comfort for long mountain tours, including hut-to-hut trips?

Then let us introduce to you the HANWAG Makra Trek GTX. The same as all models in our Makra family, it’s a dedicated mountain boot. The ‘Trek’ addition in its name is important though. That’s because this mountain boot is made to take you up mountains and also go that extra distance.

Going the distance: The HANWAG Makra Trek is made for extended tours in the Alps.

The designer’s secret recipe

Question: How do you make a boot that is lightweight, sturdy and comfortable all at the same time? These characteristics all counteract one another.

Answer: Andreas Settele, Head of Research and Development at HANWAG says: “By using only the very best materials and clever construction techniques.” For example, by working together with our partner Vibram, we created an outsole that weighs up to 32 per cent less, without making any sacrifices on grip and braking performance.”

Vibram helped us develop the HANWAG PrismBase technology. The prism-shaped design of the outsole saves material (and weight), but offers good grip and traction in mud and scree thanks to its rugged tread blocks. The flat zone at the front of the sole gives good precision and increased friction on rock.

Four top mountain features

Supportive: The leather upper and sole work together to give good support in rough mountain terrain.

There’s more about the technical features of this boot below. We’d like to present four important technical aspects of our long-distance mountain champion:

  • The HANWAG Makra Trek GTX’s intended area of use are alpine regions up to ca. 3,000 metres. For mountain tours with glaciated terrain, we recommend the HANWAG Makra Pro GTX instead.
  • This model has a mid-cut upper. That means: It protects your ankles from rocks and stones and provides additional stability on descents. On ascents, or sections of scrambling or climbing, it still offers more flexibility at the ankle joint than a higher cut boot.
  • The typical Makra 2-zone lacing gives you greater flexibility. What’s special about its clamping lace locks? They give both the forefoot and midfoot good support – and can be adjusted for different tensions, for example, looser lacing for hiking uphill, tighter lacing for going downhill.
  • The robust, breathable and long-lasting suede upper material comes from our South Tyrolean supplier Perwanger. This is lined with a waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex membrane – to keep your feet dry even on the rainiest hut-to-hut trip.
  • The ‘SF Extra‘ version of the HANWAG Makra Trek GTX is made with the particularly comfortable StraightFit last. It combines the generous, wide toe box of the HANWAG StraightFit Last that allows the big toe to assume a straight position with the additional room at the forefoot and the ball of the foot area offered by the HANWAG Wide Last. As such, the last provides a good fit for people with a wider forefoot – and who want more space for their big toes.
One technical highlight of the HANWAG Makra Trek GTX is the new HANWAG Integral Light sole.


Hanwag Makra Trek GTX

Which mountain companion do you prefer best?

Head for mountains with the HANWAG Makra Trek GTX: The mountain boot not only boasts a wide range of convincing technical features, it also looks great on. It comes in two different colours for men and women. Find out more in our web store.

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Made for the mountains: Our Makra family

There are many different types of challenges, but they all require one thing in particular – the right companion.

Our Makra product family consists of four models. They are all made especially for specific areas of use in alpine terrain.

HANWAG Makra Trek GTX – for mountain tours and hut-to-hut trips
HANWAG Makra Pro GTX – for demanding mountain tours and easier high-alpine mountaineering
HANWAG Makra Pro Low GTX – for approaches in demanding, technical terrain
HANWAG Makra Light – for easier climbing and via ferratas

And what do they all have in common? Their unique fit. The tried-and tested ‘Makra fit’ literally wraps around your foot. Giving you the right amount of precision and power transfer for the mountains with every step.

Watch the video: The HANWAG Makra family

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