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For the new edition of our classic HANWAG Banks boot, we at Hanwag have focused on further improving its lightweight design and ensuring the required sure-footedness in combination with ankle protection over varied terrain, while continuing to offer maximum comfort especially over longer distances.

To make this possible, we have given the forefoot slightly more room. The toes and ball of the foot have excellent power transfer to the sole, but still enjoy good freedom of movement and space. With its six different lasts for six different fits – Normal, Narrow and Straight Fit Extra for both women and Men – the Banks covers a wide spectrum of foot shapes.

All its high-quality materials and components are selected for durability and functionality

The new Banks is made from 100% finest LWG (Leather Working Group) Gold-rated nubuck leather – a certification that guarantees not just particularly high quality but also sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing.

Its lace hooks are made from robust cast metal. On the inside, wearers can choose from a waterproof, breathable membrane from our long-standing partner Gore-Tex or a soft, supple leather lining.

"The Banks is intended to be used on demanding hikes in all terrain ranging from lower mountain ranges to the foothills of the Alps and easier hut-to-hut trips with a lightweight pack"

When it comes to the sole, we have made two significant improvements

The midsole now contains soft polyurethane (PU) for improved shock absorbency, enhanced roll-off and “softer” walking comfort.

In addition, the new Vibram outsole (Endurance Pro) is made of a tried-and-tested rubber compound, but has improved tread. The contact surfaces at the forefoot and heel are slightly larger to provide maximum stability.

StraightFit Extra

Our StraightFit Trek Extra Last combines the generous, wide toe box of our StraightFit Last that allows the big toe to assume a straight position with additional room at the forefoot and the ball of the foot area from our Wide Last. As such, it provides a good fit for people with a wider forefoot – or who want more space for their big toe.

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High-Quality Leather and Details

  • Slightly larger forefoot for enhanced walking comfort
  • Reinforced PU foam wedge for softer cushioning and better roll-off
  • Robust cast metal lace hooks
  • Inside stitch-and-turn seams for abrasion resistance
  • Durably waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX lining
A pair of Hanwag Banks hiking boots on a hiker’s feet


The new HANWAG Banks. The direct result of years of experience from thousands of kilometres hiked all over the world.

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