Lifting and setting down each foot in turn, heel strike, ground contact, roll off and propulsion… Walking – there’s nothing to it. At least in terms of physical mechanics. However, for many people walking means more than just travelling on foot. Maybe it’s the first step into an adventure, exploring personal boundaries, or following a passion. Sometimes it takes courage to set out, take the first step and go your own way. The journey often only becomes clear once you have started walking.

Hanwag Sole People are people who follow the call of adventure, who are passionate about their profession and who seek sporting challenges. They come from all over the world and have vastly different interests and personal backgrounds, but what do they all have in common? They all walk and pursue their goals wearing extremely high-quality and reliable footwear.

To inspire others to set out and take the first step, Hanwag tells these people’s stories, of their adventures in the wilderness, adventures in the mountains and the challenges they meet along the way. Sole People are people who go out and simply do things, who tackle challenges in the outdoors, in nature, and through their actions provide others with a different perspective. After all, it is only those who take the first step who will leave a trail behind them …

Famous climber Jeffrey Witter

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