The lightweight and multifunctional shoe with its sporty design is ideal for flatter terrain and firm trails. Thanks to its waterproof and completely PFC-free EcoShell membrane, it ensures that feet stay dry all day.

Sporty design, lightweight construction and sustainable materials. The Coastridge Low ES is a dedicated lightweight shoe, designed for straightforward terrain and trails, shorter day hikes and active everyday use. Its fresh colourways and materials further emphasize the sporty design. The synthetic upper is made primarily of a robust, polyester-based fabric, which is then reinforced with a leather heel and toe cap. This model also has a particularly sustainable PFC-free EcoShell membrane. Hanwag’s proprietary waterproof, breathable and sustainable PU membrane is based on a complex, hydrophilic system that offers waterproofing and breathability without using fluorocarbons.

To ensure a perfect high-quality connection between sole and upper, we use modern Direct Injection technology, where the soft sole material is directly injected and connected with the shoe upper. This makes the new Hanwag Hike Light sole particularly lightweight and especially comfortable to wear. This multifunctional shoe is constructed deliberately without a distinctive heel – the flatter the terrain, the less you need one. This then ensures a smoother roll off for the foot.


  • Hydrophilic, PFC-free EcoShell PU membrane in a sturdy 3-layer laminate
  • Leather heel and toe cap
  • Sporty-design fabric upper
  • Hanwag ‘Hike Light’ rubber outsole for perfect grip
  • 3D I-PU midsole technology combines perfect cushioning at the heel and forefoot with outstanding support at the midfoot.

For moisture protection, the Bluestrait models feature a PFC-free HANWAG EcoShell waterproof membrane in a robust 3-layer laminate. The EcoShell ‘winter liner‘ is not just waterproof and breathable, it also works as a hydrophilic system. And it’s made without fluorocarbons, which are harmful to the environment. The hydrophilic – from the Greek for water (hydro) and loving (philic) – element of HANWAG’s proprietary PU membrane absorbs body moisture and wicks it to the outside where it can evaporate. But at the same time, it also prevents moisture from penetrating from the outside.

  • Made in Europe

    Aside from its headquarters and workshop in Vierkirchen, Bavaria, HANWAG also has a manufacturing site in Hungary and is partnered with shoemakers in Croatia, Romania, Serbia and in the Allgäu (Germany). Most of these partnerships go back years. By making all its footwear in Europe HANWAG is able to guarantee the highest quality and consistency for its customers. Making footwear in Europe is also about sustainability and responsibility: Having shorter transport routes not only cuts emissions but also ensures the sustainable production of materials can be verified.

    If you’d like to find out more about where HANWAG footwear is made, visit HANWAG STORIES for a virtual tour and interviews with some of the employees.

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