• Rock climbing and via ferratas your thing?
  • Looking for the perfect approach shoe?
  • Want secure footing in alpine terrain without the weight of a mountain boot?

This is exactly why we built the HANWAG Makra Pro Low GTX. It’s the low-cut version of our technical HANWAG Makra Pro GTX mountain boot. The low-cut design saves weight and offers greater flexibility at the ankle for easy climbing. Underfoot, the sole provides the same sure-footedness and stability as its bigger brother.

The HANWAG Makra Pro Low GTX is more than just an approach shoe for the walk-in. It’s also suitable for easy climbing and via ferratas.

Versatile mountain companion

The term approach shoe might seem to suggest a limited range of use – i.e. for the walk-in before you start climbing for real. However, this often poses footwear serious challenges, explains HANWAG Head of Research and Development Andreas Settele: “Approach shoes need to be multifunctional. They have to operate in very different types of terrain: from hard paths and woodland trails to scree slopes. Comfort, stability and flexibility all have an important role to play.” Because the final section of a walk-in to a rock face often leads off-trail through rugged terrain. This is when approach shoes need good edging stability, for example when traversing a slope to prevent you twisting your ankle.


The HANWAG Makra Pro Low GTX’s area of use extends well beyond the walk-in: “Strong and experienced mountaineers can use a low-cut show with this much stability for easy climbing,” explains Andreas. Moreover, the shoe is an excellent choice for via ferrate. Here, the stiff sole provides good stability on rock or metal ladders. The lower cut upper gives more flexibility for climbing, albeit by sacrificing a certain amount of stability at the ankle, which can make a difference on the descent. If you plan to wear a low-cut model in alpine terrain, you should be sure-footed, and in good physical shape.

Heart and sole

The lacing runs right down to the toes – for optimum retention inside the shoe. This is further helped by the textile lace loops instead of metal eyelets. The so-called ghilly lacing prevents the laces from slipping.

The versatile nature of this shoe is all down to its sole construction and midsole – which form the heart and foundation of any shoe,

  • The Vibram sole that was developed especially for our Makra models offers good grip and traction in diverse types of terrain, from wet grass, to deep scree and rocky slabs.
  • The midsole is made of an intelligent mix of different materials: “At the heel, we use PU for optimum cushioning,” explains Andreas. “At the forefoot, EVA gives the required precision underfoot.”
  • All in all, the HANWAG Makra Pro Low GTX sole offers a balanced combination of lightweight climbing performance, high stability and good hiking comfort.

Comfortable alpine last

The same as the HANWAG Makra Pro GTX, this low-cut version is also shaped over our Alpine Wide Last. This gives the forefoot and midfoot slightly more room than a classic, very narrow, alpine last. At the same time, this shoe is still rigid enough to ensure precise footwork on rock.

Watch the video: Our Alpine Wide Last

Waterproof and durable

When it comes to the upper, Andreas and the team select their materials very carefully. The upper consists of finest Perwanger leather from our supplier in South Tyrol. This gives the Makras their fine, modern look and long life thanks to the leather’s robustness.

They also have a waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex membrane (hence the GTX abbreviation in the name). This keeps your shoes dry on wet, grassy mountain slopes without your feet getting too sweaty.

Wet rock and changeable weather? You’ll need waterproof mountain footwear with a good grip.
Hanwag Makra Pro Low GTX in different colours

What’s your favourite approach shoe?

Head for the heights with the HANWAG Makra Pro Low GTX: The approach shoe offers convincing technical performance and also looks great on. For men there are two styles, and for women there are even three different colours. Find out more in our web store.

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Made for the mountains: Our Makra family

There are many different types of challenges, but they all require one thing in particular – the right companion.

Our Makra product family consists of four models. They are all made especially for specific areas of use in alpine terrain.

HANWAG Makra Trek GTX  – for mountain tours and hut-to-hut trips
HANWAG Makra Pro GTX – for demanding mountain tours and easier high-alpine mountaineering
HANWAG Makra Pro Low GTX – for approaches in demanding, technical terrain
HANWAG Makra Light – for easier climbing and via ferratas

And what do they all have in common? Their unique fit. The tried-and tested ‘Makra fit’ literally wraps around your foot. Giving you the right amount of precision and power transfer for the mountains with every step.

Watch the video: The HANWAG Makra family

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