All HANWAG boots and shoes are known for their exceptional fit and superb comfort. No other model demonstrates this more clearly than the HANWAG Tatra II. The comfortable trekking boot just fits perfectly. This is made possible by its high-quality materials, intelligent details – and wide range of fits. In fact, the HANWAG Tatra is made using eight different lasts: to fit standard, narrow or wider feet, and for people with bunions (–> Find out more: hiking boots for bunions)

Portrait photo of Hanwag shoe developer Adam Weger

“In designing the HANWAG Tatra, we made the entire construction all about comfort.”

Adam Weger, Head of Research and Development HANWAG 1968 to 2015

The HANWAG Tatra has featured in the collection since 2008. “In designing the HANWAG Tatra, we made the entire construction all about comfort, without sacrificing stability,” explains Adam Weger, former HANWAG Head of Research and Development. “For example, we designed a special ankle section, to give it greater flexibility. This makes the roll-off smoother, but still ensures good support.”

Further stability is provided by the higher upper to prevent and protect from twisting an ankle.

The HANWAG Tatra II trekking boot was designed to ensure good comfort on long tours, plus support and stability in difficult terrain when hiking with a heavy pack.

Special women’s model

From day one, the HANWAG Tatra was available in a women’s version. The design differs in a number of ways. In particular, it has a softer and lower ankle cuff. This is because women’s calf muscles end lower than men’s, so men’s models with a higher ankle cuff can cause pressure points. Naturally, HANWAG’s women’s footwear is made over special women’s-specific lasts that match the shape of the female foot.

Reworked and updated

In 2018, the original Tatra was reworked and updated. Hence the name: Tatra II and Tatra II Lady. An important part of this update is the Vibram AW Integral sole construction. The initials AW stand for Adam Weger, who developed the sole together with the Italian sole experts Vibram exclusively for HANWAG. “I worked on the design in the production workshop at our headquarters in Vierkirchen. I made a prototype out of polyester myself and then kept adapting it and sanding it down until it was just right…,” he recalls. “When it was finished, I made a drawing of the sole profile by hand.”

Available with a leather or Gore-Tex inner lining

The HANWAG Tatra II is available with a choice of either leather lining or a fabric lining with an integrated Gore-Tex membrane (the ‘GTX’ in the model name). (–> 5 Reasons for Leather Hiking Boots)

  • Pros and cons: Leather and Gore-Tex linings

    • Leather linings adapt better to the shape of the foot. The boot then literally wraps the foot like a second skin. In turn, this significantly reduces the risk of pressure points and blisters. (–> How to prevent and treat blisters)
    • Membranes, like Gore-Tex, are breathable and let perspiration escape out of a shoe to evaporate. Full leather boots offer an even more pleasant foot climate. And by reducing moisture inside the shoe, they also lower the risk of blisters.
    • If looked after properly, a full leather boot provides enough wet weather protection to keep feet dry during a rainy day of hiking. (–> How to clean and care for hiking boots)
    • However, should a leather inner lining get wet, then it will not dry as fast as a fabric lining. This is why Gore-Tex boots are often a better choice for multi-day hikes in damp climates, as they are more likely to dry faster overnight.
    • In addition, boots with an inner membrane, such as Gore-Tex or EcoShell, are 100% waterproof. This makes them ideal for treks in boggy, marshy terrain.

A last to fit every foot shape

What is a last? A last is a model of the foot that a boot is made around. It’s the shape of the last that gives a shoe its fit. Find out more: Videos about all the HANWAG lasts

The HANWAG Tatra II comes in a standard fit in a women’s and men’s version. In addition, it’s also available with three special lasts (for both women and men):

  • The Tatra II Wide last provides more room at the forefoot – so it’s ideal for people with wider or bigger feet.
  • The Tatra II Narrow has a narrower forefoot – for people with slender, narrower feet.
  • The Tatra II Bunion is made specially for people with bunions. The Bunion Last provides additional room around the big toe joint and prevents painful pressure points and rubbing. (–> Expert advice on hiking boots for bunions)

Further features

All details work together to ensure perfect trekking boot fit and functionality.
  • Venting perforations in the cuff draw moisture out of the boot like in a fireplace chimney – for improved climate comfort.
  • Extra comfortable footbed.
  • Protective rand at heel and toe – to protect the foot from stones and scree and also to protect the leather upper and extend its lifetime.
  • Generous tongue design – makes the boot easier to pull and take off.
  • 2-zone lacing with a tongue lace hook.
  • Easy-roller eyelets – ball bearings in the eyelets make it easy to adjust the lacing at the instep.
  • Increased toe spring (the sole curves up slightly at the front) – for a smoother roll-off.

Hiking boot sizing and more – 5 tips for the perfect fit

Photo Hanwag Tatra II trekking boot

See all versions of the HANWAG Tatra II in the webshop

Available in standard, narrow and wide versions, in different colours and with or without a waterproof membrane. However, the one thing all HANWAG Tatra II models have in common is their exceptional fit, outstanding hiking comfort, and stability for demanding trekking trips. See all the versions in our web shop.

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Naturally resoleable

Our former head of research and development, Adam Weger, is proud of the updated version of his original design: “The Tatra has a timeless silhouette – and now comes with the latest technical features.”

Many HANWAG customers feel the same way: They would prefer not to be separated from their well worn in and carefully looked after trekking boots. And there’s no reason why they should be. If the sole gets worn down, the HANWAG Tatra II can be resoled as required, the same as virtually all HANWAG boots and shoes. The sturdy leather upper lives on – as a sustainable and comfortable solution for future hiking and trekking trips.

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