Hiking does not always have to mean high mountains. There are lots of great hikes in less dramatic landscapes. The Allgäu has plenty of great hiking routes to offer. Today we’re on a nice hike heading up over a high ridge with a great view of the Allgäu Alpsee lake and good potential for somewhere to stop for food and drink.

Our starting point is the ski lift in Thal near Missen. After heading along the road for a short section, we take a path through the fields and a forest towards Baldaufalpe.

It’s uphill from here on in, although it’s not as steep as our last hike to Schrecksee. We’re taking it a bit easier today. After leaving the woods behind, we head out into the open. Before long, we find ourselves in a field surrounded by a herd of cows, who all seem very curious. One of them takes a particular shine to us and tags along behind.

Heading for the ridge, we zigzag our way uphill through the cow dung (they call them “Allgäu landmines” around here). Finally, we make it to the top.

Just a little further and we stop for our first break.

From the Salmaser Höhe, which lies at 1,238 metres, there’s a wonderful view over the Allgäu Alpsee and the surrounding region. We have a quick snack and then continue onwards. Following the ridge line, we make steady progress – with no more ups or downs.

Taking things at a pretty relaxed pace, we walk a further four kilometres, past Thaler Höhe and the Alpseeblick scenic viewpoint before reaching our destination – the Pfarralpe. Here, we take off our packs and get something to eat – a traditional lunch platter. If you’re hiking in the Allgäu, make sure you try the Bergkäse (mountain cheese) and Speck (smoked ham). Top it all off with a local Allgäu beer and you have the perfect combination.

Our route takes us back down over the meadows, fields and woods to where we started.

As we mentioned, hiking doesn’t always have to mean high mountains. This hike is 9.5 km long and involves 400 metres of height gain – just right for a half-day excursion in the Allgäu Alps.

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