Roman Königshofer’s a landscape photographer, member of the German Roamers and one of Hanwag’s Sole People.

Born in Austria, he’s spent the past few years travelling the world to shoot the most beautiful and spectacular images. His camera, hiking boots and a thirst for adventure always accompany him. This photo story takes us all on a trek around the globe and reveals his own story behind each image. Enjoy.

An unforgettable sunrise in New Zealand

“New Zealand’s Southern Alps present a vast canvas to any landscape photographer. As is often the case, we climbed up the mountain in the dark to be at the right place at the right time. Back then, I was living with my girlfriend in a van for two months and travelling across the country. It was a memorable trip and this picture always reminds me of it.”


Swimming with orcas in Norway

“This picture evokes what was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Taking photos of the orcas in North Norway was thrilling. It was quite a challenge as the water temperature was just two degrees centigrade and there was little daylight. Initially, it was a strange feeling just diving into the water and joining the animals. However, once you’ve gained eye contact with the orca (which is incredible by the way), you’re just amazed and enjoy the moment. It’s an unbelievable feeling and I can’t wait to repeat it.”


Slow-motion camping at 6,000 metres

“Camping in thin air. This picture was taken on the eve of our ascent to Louche East. It’s an “easy” 6,000m mountain in Nepal and was high on our to-do list. At this altitude, the air’s always thin and any movement you make is in slow motion. But it’s always worth the effort, even if the climb’s more in the type 2 fun category of course.”


A picture like a painting – out and about in Iceland

“A photo or really a painting? Lots of people find it hard to believe that this picture was really shot by a camera. It’s taken from a bird’s eye view. And the subject? It’s a glacial river in Iceland. We flew over Iceland’s southern coast in a small Cessna. It had always been a dream of mine to see this superb area and photograph it from the skies myself. This is a unique country, portrayed in one unique picture.”


Out and about on home turf

“There are many ways of exploring the beauty of the mountains. On foot, skis, with a hang-glider or by mountain bike. Styria, where I come from, doesn’t have the highest mountains, but I love being outdoors there. We really made the most of that day and were on the trails until sunset.”


A stormy winter morning

“This photo’s caption could be “Martin Sieberer ready for take off.” However, it took a while before he was given clearance. We climbed up extra early that morning, but had to repeatedly postpone take off because of strong gusts of wind. However good your own plans are, mother nature always has the last word.”


Fair weather’s not a photographer’s friend

“Ski and splitboard tours really are the best way of exploring the mountains in winter. This is us enjoying the Ötztal valley at the season’s start in early December. As a photographer, you’re always looking for contrasts to make a picture more interesting. Sunny days with blue skies present quite a challenge. Ideal conditions for many people, but they actually make a photographer’s life hard.”


Working in the wilderness

“Maligne Lake in Jasper, Canada, had always been one of those places I’d wanted to go to. To get there, you have to paddle past some already fabulous scenery. Once you arrive, you forget all the hard graft. This picture was taken in 2016 while I was working there and had luckily extended the trip by a week. I’m absolutely fascinated by this wild and beautiful country and will definitely return – but with my family in tow the next time.”


No bad days!

“Surfing and the sea are equally important to me as the mountains and hiking. But you have to adapt to nature’s whims in this case too, otherwise you can quickly get into trouble. This photo was taken on a surfing trip in Lofoten. It was wet and cold for the whole three weeks. Not even the waves were particularly great. We lived in the car and the tent. Anything that got wet stayed that way for the rest of the stay. That might not sound appealing, but nevertheless, it was one of the best trips ever. And why? As is frequently the case, it’s the people who accompany you who make a trip special. Every day, all of us were very keen to find and surf waves. Bad moods just didn’t get a look-in.”


A winter’s night outdoors

“Winter camping is an acquired taste. It’s a slightly more tiring and hard-going experience. Here, I’d joined forces with my friends Stefan and Luke so that we could be on the summit (of Mount Rosskogel, Tyrol) at first light the next day. This photo’s interesting as the mini tent only had space for Luke. Stefan and I spent the night to the left of the tent outside.”


When clouds do the tango

“This is now probably one of the most famous photo locations in the Dolomites. It’s the view from Mount Seceda to the Odle Peaks. When I took the photo over 5 years ago, there were only a very few photographers and local people there. On that day, I slept on the mountain with my girlfriend in order to climb Mount Sass Rigais the next day. Before we set off, I captured the sunrise on camera. We were lucky that morning and it was amazing to watch the clouds meandering around the mountains.”

Do YOU want more?

If YOU’d like to know more about Roman, his work and how he became a photographer in the first place, read the portrait about him on our website. You can find more pictures by Roman on his Instagram account or website.

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(Roman Königshofer)

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